Updated: 2024-05-22

Developing and managing modern software is an increasingly complex task involving a multitude of tools, services, and dynamic supply chains. Insufficient visibility into the software composition increases cybersecurity risks and development and maintenance costs.

MAIA Software is a platform designed to cooperate with the tools you already use to manage complexity, traceability, security, and more.

MAIA Software may be operated both as:

  1. a DevSecOps tool (MAIA) with all features active.
  2. a SBOM Central service (SBOMC). Primarily a SaaS solution that can serve many customers, focusing on open-source security, licensing, and health. On-prem options are also available.

The platform consists of two main parts:

  1. Web Services (WebApp), containing the user interface, data storage, API:s, messaging, business logic, and more.
  2. Information Services contain targeted services that collect data from several external sources and provide information to WebApp instances.