Code changes finished


Modern software development is made visual and traceable through different tools. When the number of tools increases, the tools stack gets more complex, and it gets pretty challenging to understand what's going on.

One crucial area where MAIA is acting is visualizing the combined information about work items (Issues), code changes, components, and users.

MAIA adds an extra layer of security and control, providing coordination on how to finalize the combined work on an Issue through a Finished slider. The slider is present on the latest commit per component.

When the coding in a component is completed, with regards to the Issue, the user slides the last commit to Finished.

So why having this extra activity in MAIA when you already hold the issue tracker and version control to manage Issues and code? If an Issue involves subtasks, multiple developers, and components, it can be difficult and time-consuming to understand what has changed and if everything is resolved. MAIA makes this efficiently and visible for everybody.

If this feature doesn't fit your way-of-working it can be configured to automatically set slider to Finished when the Issue is set to Done in the Issue Tracker System (see Tracker projects setup )

Example below:

  1. We have a user story with identity JMD-5904 (stored in the ITS).
  2. Four developers have five code changes in three different components (repository:branch).
  3. It's easy to see what has changed, where and by whom.
  4. Changes are set to Finished and the Issue in the Tracker is set to Resolved => Issue is Done in MAIA and it will be included in the next Delivery Report.

Only Issues with the status Done are included into the MAIA delivery report.

Any user with sufficient permissions can manually activate the slider to Finished. The activities are registered and can be viewed in the History tab as seen below.