Install the WebApp

The installation files contains predefined:
· Login information for the admin, see output from installation process (example below).
· Team: root
· The absolute path to the MAIA software installation.
The absolute path is hereafter called root directory or installation path in this manual.

  1. Open a terminal window on the host where the bsx script was run in verification mode.
  2. Run the .bsx-script:
sh /tmp/maia.iso.bsx
  1. The installation process output is printed to the terminal window and to an installation log file.

Remember: the installation output below is an example.

01:12:29 DEBUG   MAIA Software installation/upgrade started for user maia at 20220426-011229
01:12:29 DEBUG   
01:12:30 DEBUG   Extracted file from iso: /tmp/maia_software-20220426-011229/maia-core-trunk.gz
01:12:30 DEBUG   Extracted file from iso: /tmp/maia_software-20220426-011229/build_report.pdf
01:12:30 DEBUG   Extracted file from iso: /tmp/maia_software-20220426-011229/legal.pdf
01:12:30 DEBUG   Extracted file from iso: /tmp/maia_software-20220426-011229/INSTALLATION_REQUIREMENTS
01:12:30 INFO    *********************************************************************************************
01:12:30 INFO          Installation requirements read from isofile for maia_base_1.3831:12-ab728504
01:12:30 INFO    
01:12:30 INFO          Install as linux user: maia, belonging to linux group: maia
01:12:30 INFO          Write privileges must exist to create the installation path: /opt/data/t2maia
01:12:30 INFO          MAIA application http url: http://<Address to install host>:8888/maia
01:12:30 INFO          MAIA application https url: https://<Address to install host>:7777/maia
01:12:30 INFO          Default MAIA application login user: admin, email: admin@maia1, password: admin
01:12:30 INFO    *********************************************************************************************
01:12:30 DEBUG   
01:12:41 INFO    OsDistribution: Centos
01:12:41 INFO    OSVersion details: Linux CentOS 7.6.1810 (Core  3.10.0-957.27.2.el7.x86_64 x86_64)
01:12:41 INFO    Free disc space: 573450833920 bytes
01:12:41 INFO    Checking minimum required disc space ...... passed
  1. Note and save the installation path above.

  2. Add the installation path/bin to your PATH with the export command to be able to use various MAIA tools (like ipv, etc).

    example: installation path from above.

    export PATH=/opt/data/t2maia/bin:$PATH

    set permanently by adding the command to the login script.

  3. Read the installation log and look for error messages.

Example of a log with error messages.

20161124-131027 ERROR, Upgrade failed. check_ipv_state inactive, command
20161124-131027 1 11177 11172 11172 ? -1 S 1001
0:00 /opt/data/t2maia/bin/httpd -k start _
f /opt/data/t2maia/etc/httpd/httpd.conf
20161124-131027 ERROR, MAIA Software installation upgrade failed
20161124-131027 ERROR, Check and correct errors. See installation
log /tmp/maia_software_tmp-20161124-130752/install.log
20161124-131027 ERROR, After correction of errors: Re-run the script
  1. If there are error messages in the installation log, correct the errors according to the instructions in the error messages. When all errors have been corrected, run the script again.

If the errors remains, contact the MAIA Software support.

  1. Read the installation log and verify that the last output line is:

First installation passes OK