Main menu


All pages opened from this menu shows data that are currently available to the user (with regards to the present permissions.) i.e. the list of commits from available repositories, the list of available components, etc.

  • C = Configuration
  • M = MAIA Software only
  • S = SBOM Central only
  • A = All
Menu selection C Description
Activities M Opens the Activities index page. An activity allows users to monitor client-side activities, which can be chained into pipelines.
Built artifacts M Opens the Built Artifacts index page. A listing of all built artifacts sorted with newest on top.
SBOMs S Opens the SBOMs index page. A listing of all uploaded SBOMs sorted with newest on top.
Commits M Opens the Commits index page. A listing of all commits sorted with newest on top.
Components A Opens the Components index page. A list of all components used by the present team.
CWEs A Opens the CWE page. A page listing the currently most common and impactful weaknesses.
Delivery reports A Opens the Delivery Report index page.
Environments A Opens the Environments index page.
External artifacts A Opens the External Artifacts index page.
History A Opens the History index page.
Issues M Opens the Issues index page.
License types A Opens the License Types index page.
Notifications A Opens the Notifications index page.
Teams A Opens the Teams index page.
Test executions M Opens the Test Executions index page.
Test statistics M Opens the Test Statistics index page.
Tracker projects M Opens the Tracker Projects index page.
Tracks M Opens the Tracks index page.
Users A Opens the Users index page.
Vulnerabilities A Opens the Vulnerabilities index page.
Artifact Diff M Opens the Artifact Diff page.
SBOM diff S Opens the SBOM Diff page.