1. Commits index page
  2. Commits show page
  3. Overview tab
  4. Diff tab
  5. Built artifacts tab
  6. Deliveries tab
  7. History tab

Commits index page


Is a listing of all commits with newest on top.

The commits table displays all commits within the scope of present permissions. If the user performs a search (filter), the table displays the results from the search.

Table description
Heading Description
Identity The MAIA identity of the commit, and a link to the Commit show page.
Track The name of the component:track, and a link to the Track show page.
Comment The commit comment.
Created at The time commit was created in MAIA.
Issue The Issue identity related to the commit (first issue if more than one), its status, and a link to the Issue show page.
User User performing the commit, and a link to the User show page.
Delivered Displays whether the commit is included in a Delivery report.

A Bulk change button on top of the page.

Pushing the button opens a multiselect page to perform bulk changes like:

  • Resolve issue
  • Ignore warning
  • Reactivate warning
Filter by Description
Search Search table info.
User Filter by user
Warning Filter on warnings
start date Select a start date to narrow the search.
end date Select a end date to narrow the search.
... file path Search by file path

Commits show page


The commits show page contains information and references related to one specific commit.

The page has three main areas:

  1. Identity of the commit.
  2. Tabs row and unique content for each tab.
    1. Overview tab.
    2. Diff tab.
    3. Built artifacts tab.
    4. Deliveries tab.
    5. History tab.
  3. Information box.


Name Description
Overview Overview of all Issues related to this commit.
Diff List of all file changes performed with this commit and a detailed diff describing changes per file.
Built artifacts List of built artifacts where this commit is included for the first time.
Deliveries List of delivered artifacts where this commit is included for the first time.
History A list of manual changes made in the MAIA web app related to this build.


  • Rescan comment: rescan commit comment to create Issues in MAIA, etc.

Information box

  • Created at: Time of creation (in MAIA).
  • Track: Commit to track/branch.
  • User: User identity.
  • Comment: Commit comment (beautified).
  • Sha: commit sha identity (git).
  • Repo revision: Repository version counter (in MAIA).
  • Commit time: Local time of commit (git).
  • Parents: Previous commit in track, id and link (in MAIA).
  • Label: Commit label (in MAIA).
  • Uuid: Universally unique identifier for this commit (in MAIA).

  • Raw comment: Commit comment in and change id in raw format.

Commits overview tab


The Overview tab contains information about Issues/Tasks related to this commit.


Shows Issues associated to this commit, their status and slogan.

Header Description
Identity Status icon and identity of the Issue and a link to the Issue show page for more information.
Slogan Slogan describing the Issue.
Remove Delete button to remove the Issue association from the commit in MAIA.


To manually add an Issue and associate it with the commit.

  1. Push the button
  2. Specify the identity
  3. Save

  1. If the Issue exists in MAIA, a verification pop-up shows.
  2. Save

  1. Or, if it doesn't exist a create message pops up.
  2. Select Tracker project to synchronize with.
  3. Save

  1. A verification message pops up.
  2. Save

  1. The locally created Issue will automatically be synchronized with the Issue Tracker System in a later stage.
  2. or, open the Issue show page in MAIA and push the Sync-from-tracker button to synchronize.

Commits diff tab


The Diff tab contains a list of all changes included in this commit. Each listed file may be opened to present a diff from previous version.

There is a limit to the amount of data to be downloaded by MAIA. If the limit is exceeded the file diff is turned off.

Commits built artifacts tab


The Built artifacts tab contains a list of artifacts stating where this commit was included in the build the first time (per product/environment).


Header Description
Name The build label and a link to the build report.
Track Branch
Version Version of the software.
Build time Date and time.
Delivered An icon is present if the build is included in a Delivery.
Tags List of tags related to this build.

Commits deliveries tab


The deliveries tab contains a list of deliveries stating where this commit was included the first time (per product/environment).


Name Description
Title Name of Delivery report
Published Published date
Build label Label of the build
Project Project name
Outdated If outdated, data related to the delivery has changed e.g. Issues has been set to Done in MAIA after the report was created. Create a new version to include the updated data.
Notify on CVE If set, the number defines the minimum score to send a notification if changes in CVE status is detected.

Commits history tab


The History tab is a list of changes performed in the MAIA web app UI.