• Updated:2024-06-14

With Git a MAIA Component = Git repository

There are four types of components:

  1. Single component, usually a collection of files in a repository (MAIA only).
  2. Collection component, a software component that encapsulates a group of related components aggregating information from other components (MAIA only).
  3. External component, any component registered in MAIA or SBOMC, not controlled by a repository manager.
  4. External collection component, aggregating information from a collection of other external components.

Base properties for types 1 & 2 components (MAIA only) :

  • Their content is version-controlled.
  • They are stored in a software repository.
  • They contain one or more tracks (branches) for parallel development.
  • The events connected to a component can be tracked, such as commits, issues, builds, deliveries, and test executions.
  • The component information is restricted between teams.

A component has properties unique to the component:

  • If the component is a collection, it can contain the metadata needed to build it—for example, a list of subcomponents in the component's configuration file.
  • When a component is built, the content is defined at the build time when the metadata is processed. This allows for dynamic builds.
  • If the component is a collection, it can contain single components, collections, and collections-of-collections.