Adapters, services & triggers


Adapters :

MAIA adapters aim to connect and customize data, originating from external systems, to fit the MAIA web app. MAIA adapters are included in the installation package.

  1. Issue Adapters.

Services :

MAIA services are exchanging important information with the web app. MAIA services can run locally or remotely in the cloud, and the web app connects to them to continuously exchange data.

  1. CVE Management Service.
  2. Software Health Service.

Triggers :

MAIA triggers are external services that is starting background jobs in the web app by making periodic API calls. Background jobs stop execution after finishing their task and must be started again in a periodic manner.

The trigger services must be implemented by you, using the tools of your choice e.g. Jenkins, cron, etc.

The triggers below should run periodically for optimal performance.

  1. CVE Update Trigger. Updates the CVE status of external artifacts.
  2. Health Update Trigger. Updates the health status of external artifacts.
  3. Issue Update Trigger. Requests information about issues from the adapter, updating slogans and tracker status.
  4. Remove Activities Trigger. Removes data for obsolete activities.
  5. Remove Artifacts Trigger. Removes data for obsolete artifacts.
  6. Remove Tests Trigger. Removes data for obsolete test executions.
  7. Remove Unreferenced Trigger. Removes data that doesn't have any references.