Evaluate licenses

Businesses that develop software depend heavily on open-source code and components. Each software has one or more licenses, making it a never-ending job to manage them in an agile and continuous workflow. A component added or updated generates a task to verify its license compliance with business rules.

MAIA license management automates much of the activity administrating licenses and has features that make manual work more efficient.

Evaluate licenses


To manually evaluate a license, open the artifact show page to do the following possible tasks:

1. Compare the license with template

Compare the license text with a known template text to get a quick understanding of the status of the license.

Open license text window by pushing Show.

The MIT License type has a template text for that license. View the template text -> Show template.

Push the Show diff button to compare the license text and the template text. Here they only differs in heading and copyright data i.e. the license can easily identified as an MIT License.

2. Approve/Disapprove the use of License

Move the slider to Approve/Disapprove to set the status for the license.


Push the edit button to approve/disapprove the corresponding license, and push the slider to change status of the license.

3. Ignore the license proposition

Licenses are automatically created by MAIA (from different sources) as License propositions. Set the Ignore box for the ones you are preventing MAIA to use.


Push the edit button to set the Ignore select box.