Create users


You need the "Create/update users" permission to do this.

Create a user:

  1. Open Main menu/Users.
  2. Click "+Create" button to open editable pop-up window.

A user becomes Active when added to a team, and stays Active as long the user belongs to at least one team.

  1. Upload avatar : select a local image file to upload as user avatar (optional)

  2. Name : type a username. It is case sensitive.

    The username is matched to users in code commits.

  3. Email : type email address.

    LDAP settings decides if username or email is used at MAIA login (also at local authentication when LDAP is present).

    Both Name and Email may be edited after user creation

  4. Inactivity timeout : type the number of seconds before session timeout (optional)

  5. Local environment : i.e. select the local (private) host of the user (optional).

  6. Default component tab : select the tab that will open first when a user navigates to a component page (optional).

  7. Local auth : select if local authentication (optional).

    If local auth and no LDAP present : the default login user is the email address.

  8. If local auth, Password : type the password.

  9. Password confirmation : type the same password as in the previous step.

  10. Click Save.