maia checkout : this command checks out the latest version of a component from the version control system on the local workspace.

The local workspace is defined by the parameter SRC_ROOT in the environment file.

Run command Restrictions Example
maia checkout None maia checkout --component openssl --track main

Use the build label to check out a specific version of a component.
maia checkout --component openssl --build_label OPEN_SSL-1.1234-223

Use the option -s to check out a collection and all of its sub components.
maia checkout --component top_suite -s

Option flag Description
--component, -c M The name of the component in MAIA WebApp. (STRING)
--track, -t The name of the track in MAIA WebApp. (STRING)
--subcomponents, -s C Checks out all the sub components in a collection, if the component is a collection.
--build_label, -l The label of the build in MAIA WebApp. (STRING)
--path, -o The path to the directory the component is checked out to. (STRING)
--user-name, -u The user name to the repository that contains the component. (STRING)
--password, -w The password to the repository that contains the component. (STRING)
--clean Cleans the SRC_ROOT directory from all previous checkout paths set for already checked out components.

The following additional command options apply when also creating Activities in the MAIA web app.

Option flag Parameter Description
--activity, -z string C The activity comment that will be showed in MAIA web app. Default activity-uuid
--activity-uuid uuid string M The uuid of this activity.
--parent-activity-uuid uuid string The uuid of the parent activity that the build belongs to in MAIA.
--no-owner Disables the owner for an activity.
--heartbeat-interval int The number of seconds between heartbeats. Default 600 sec.
--time-to-live int The maximum timeout, in seconds, before the activity is terminated. Default 7200 sec.
--save-log, -g Saves the log file locally

The following additional command options apply to all MAIA Agent commands.

Option flag Description
--help, -h Shows all available options for the command.
--verbose, -v Enables verbose mode.
--debug, -d Enables debug mode.