Update: 2024-06-04

The CWEs (Common Weakness Enumeration) menu page is an index page listing the current most dangerous software weaknesses. The list is published yearly by MITRE (external link) where each weakness type gets a score (0-100).

Upload button

  • Upload an updated CWE file. The json-file may be downloaded from the MAIA Support web.

Information box

  • Date: Date of weakness listing.
  • Origin: Origin of information.
  • Web: Web address of origin.

Priority setting.

  • Min: lowest score, start of lowest priority.
  • Medium: start score of medium priority.
  • High: start score of high priority.
  • Top: start score of top priority.
  • Max: highest score possible.


Header Description
Identifier CWE identity and a link to detailed information at the MITRE home page.
Score Severity score
Priority A priority level is indicated with a colored thermometer (see below).
Description Short description.


  • Black: Top < Score < Max
  • Yellow: High < Score < Top
  • Green: Medium < Score < High
  • Light blue: Min < Score < Medium
  • -- : No priority set for this weakness