An automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline creates loads of data. MAIA collects the data and creates a common understanding of the status of your pipelines and your software supply chain by managing tools-, people-, and process-data together.


MAIA Software:

  • Creates a unified and instant understanding of the activities and status of your development pipelines.
  • Keeps the full and aggregated history of code changes, builds, deliveries, tests, tasks, bugs, and other activities.
  • Detects vulnerabilities and exploits in former and planned software releases.
  • Has powerful tools to compare deliveries, builds, and tests.
  • Has intuitive and automated tools managing open-source licensing, vulnerabilities, and the health of dependencies.
  • Visualizes activities in real-time, storing data for future use and analytics.


MAIA main objectives are within the four areas below.

  • Traceability
  • Visibility
  • Security
  • Quality

In modern software development, there are constant changes to multiple parts of a product at the same time. Concurrent product lines, evolving features, building, testing, and deploying. Inclusion of open source software from multiple sources and of different versions. Iteration after iteration.

How do you trace multiple elements of one product when various stakeholders and systems are constantly updating all these parts?

MAIA creates cross-tool traceability so that you can keep track of changes by linking builds to code changes, feature tickets, bug reports, SBOMS, associated tests, etc.


People involved in the software creation process need to understand the overall status of the development pipelines to make intelligent decisions. Smart visualization is critical to achieving speed, quality, and security.

MAIA Software integrates and communicates with your development tools stack to accomplish an end-to-end view with all the details at your fingertips.


MAIA is automating the management of a software-bill-of-materials (SBOM). It´s running checks on the list of components and versions to identify vulnerabilities and exploits, monitor updates, open-source project health, and licensing.


MAIA is enhancing software quality by visualizing your automated testing in real-time. Maximizing value by storing and organizing new and past test data and use it for analysis and reporting.

Making your test data accessible for all promotes commitment and a sense of responsibility.