Configure teams

You need the "Create teams", "Update teams", Update users and Create/update/destroy components permissions to do this.

  1. Open Main menu/Teams page.

  2. Select team.

Add/Remove members

Add/Remove members to/from the team.

  1. In the Members tab, open Edit members pop-up window.

  1. Add members to the team from the drop-down menu.

  2. Remove members by clicking the member trash-cans.

  3. Save

Configure team permissions
  1. In the Team permissions tab, open Edit permissions pop-up window.
  2. Select the permissions that will apply to all members of the team.
Configure user permissions
  1. In the Members tab, edit individual permissions for any member of the team by clicking the Edit permissions for the member.
Configure tracker projects
  1. In the Tracker projects tab, open Edit tracker projects pop-up window.

  2. Add tracker projects from the drop-down menu.

  3. The selected tracker projects will be visible to the team.

Configure components.

MAIA WebApp displays information from the external software systems it is configured to retrieve information from. Each team can see a subset of that information based on the components they track.

By switching teams a user can access different subsets of information. A user can also access editing capabilities depending on the permissions of their team and the permissions they are given within the team.

  1. In the Components tab,

    a) open Create component and add to team pop-up window.


    b) open Edit components pop-up window.

    • Add components from drop-down menu.

    • Remove components by clicking trash-cans.

Edit team.
  1. Edit Team name and description.
Delete team.
  1. Delete team: click the Delete button.