Configure Issue Trackers


Issue trackers are essential planning and traceability tools. MAIA connects to your Issue Tracker Systems (ITS) to enhance traceability and control. For each ITS brand (and instance), you will need one corresponding issue-adapter in MAIA.

Prepare the Issue adapter

There is an adapter for each system brand containing a configuration file specifying the address to the system and credentials to access the data, see adapter configurations.

Configure an ITS in MAIA

  1. In the web app settings menu (cogwheel, upper right corner), select Global settings.
  2. Open the Issues tab.

  1. Edit the Issue Tracker System configuration file in accordance with example above.

  2. Select a name for the tracker.

  3. Set parameters according to the adapter configurations.

    • browse_url: url to browse a specific Issue in the ITS.
    • update_url: url to the local adapter used to read Issue data from the ITS API.
  4. Save

  5. Restart MAIA

    ipv stop && ipv start

Configure a project

MAIA expect a Way-of-Working where each code change has a standardized reference to an Issue/task/etc. in its commit message.

A Tracker project is the definition how MAIA is connecting to a project in an ITS, through the issue-adapter, and how to interpret data. You can connect to multiple projects in each ITS.

MAIA reads the comment from each incoming commit and identifies the referenced Issue identity.

  1. Open Main menu and select Tracker projects.
  2. Click on the Create button to open the pop-up window.
  3. Edit your tracker project data.
  1. Name: a local name to identify the project in an ITS.

  2. Tracker: select a tracker from the Global settings above.

  3. Match pattern: a RegExp (regular expression) to match to a Issue identity in the ITS.

    Example: #(ARL-\d+) where # is the selected identifier for an Issue and the succeeding means an identity "ARL-number" (e.g. ARL-123). Or #(\d+) where # is the selected identifier for an Issue and the succeeding means an identity "number" (e.g. 123).

  4. Done pattern: status names in the ITS project that MAIA will treat as -- Done.

  5. Set the Auto finish commit if you want the commit slider to be automatically set to Finished when the Issue is set to Done in the Issue Tracker System.

  6. Save.

Tip: Test your regular expressions at (external link).


In the match pattern below: the initial and closing "/" in the string shall NOT be written when specifying the pattern. They are just delimiters in the presentation.