License types

The permission "Create/update/destroy license types" is needed to change license type data i.e. edit Template text, activate Template, edit Information box text, etc.

A license type is a software license shared by multiple software components.

The purpose of the license type pages are to collect information about all types that are present in the development process and to support the license management workflow.


This page contains a listing of all Issues registered in MAIA, sorted with the latest registration on top.

The table displays all Issues within the scope of present permissions. If the user performs a search (filter), the table displays the results from the search.

Table description
Heading Description
Identity The ITS Issue identity and type, and a link to the Issue show page.
Slogan The Issue slogan fetched from the ITS.
Tracker Tracker identity (set in the Global setting).
Delivered Displays whether the Issue is included in a Delivery report.
  • A Create button to create a local Issue in MAIA + selecting a tracker project for it. The Issue will later be synchronized with the ITS configured for the selected tracker project.
  • A Sync all from tracker button to start a background process synchronizing all Issues with its corresponding ITS.
Filter by Description
Search Search table info.
Kind Filter by kind of Issue
Tracker Filter on configured trackers
Status Filter on Issue status (Open/Done/Differing/Unknown)
Last committer Last user to commit with reference to the Issue
Exception Search exceptions/errors.
Additional info

Issues are sorted in the order they are registered in MAIA. For Issues having a relation (parent/child) to other Issues, the list of related Issues can be opened in the table for each Issue. See example below:


The Issues show page contains information and references related to one specific Issue.

The page has four main areas:

  1. Identity and slogan of the issue.
  2. Top boxes with highlighted data.
  3. Tabs row and unique content for each tab.
    1. Overview tab.
    2. Deliveries tab.
    3. History tab.
  4. Information box.

Top box

Color coded status boxes:

Box Description
Issue status Done or Open
Delivered Issue included in a Delivery report
Deliveries outdated Issue included in an outdated Delivery report


  • Light blue : Status OK
  • Red : Fail/error
  • Lilac : Warning
  • Grey : No data


Name Description
Overview Overview of all Issues related to this commit.
Deliveries List of delivered artifacts where this Issue is included for the first time.
History A list of manual changes made in the MAIA web app related to this build.


  • Sync from tracker: rescan commit comment to create Issues in MAIA, etc.

Information box

  • Created at: Time of creation (in MAIA).
  • Updated at: Time of update.
  • Parent: Parent Issue if existing.

  • Tracker project: the project where this Issue belongs.
  • Tracker: as defined in Global settings.
  • Issue url: Link to the Issue in the ITS.