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There are four types of components:

  1. Single component, usually a collection of files in a repository (MAIA only).
  2. Collection component, a software component that encapsulates a group of related components aggregating information from other components (MAIA only).
  3. External component, any component registered in MAIA or SBOMC, not controlled by a repository manager.
  4. External collection component, aggregating information from a collection of other external components.

A component has properties unique to the component:

  • If the component is a collection, it can contain the metadata needed to build it—for example, a list of subcomponents in the component's configuration file.
  • When a component is built, the content is defined at the build time when the metadata is processed. This allows for dynamic builds.
  • If the component is a collection, it can contain single components, collections, and collections-of-collections.

Components index page


The Components index page lists all components handled by SBOM Central.

If the user performs a search (filter), the table displays the results from the search.

Table description
Header Description
Name Icon, Type, Vendor and Name of component

Icon Description
Cubes Collection or External collection component
Cube Single Component
Cloud External component

Filter by Description
Search Search component name(s).
Kind Filter by type of kind of component.

External components show page

Updated: 2024-06-25

External collection components show page